Born and raised in Santiago Chile, I started playing drums when I was still at school. Later I studied at SCD College of Music under the tutelage of Sassoon Levi and Robert Zamora. In Santiago, I actively participated in the underground music scene that later became into the new Independent Chilean music scene.

In 2002, I moved to Barcelona (Spain) to continue with my music studies, studying Jazz Performance at the “Taller de Musics” and perfecting my drumming with Aldo Caviglia and Quim Soler. In Barcelona I breaded my music education with Sound Technician and Computer Music studies. I actively participated in the Barcelona music scene, successfully recording and touring, collecting great recognition and industry success with bands like “Partido”, “Pumuky” or “Maria Rodés”.

Attracted by the music history and eclectic music scene, I moved to London in the winter of 2011, where I quickly started playing, recording and teaching, as well as working between London and Los Angeles (US) with the band “Go Tell The Eskimo” and started working the band “The Kindling” and doing sessions for different UK and International artists.

I have professionally worked in music recording studios, stages, TV and radio. I am an experienced drum teacher, having worked both for private students and in music teaching institutions. Finally, I have had the opportunity to work collectively in musical compositions for audiovisual productions.

Some musicians or bands with whom I have played, recorded and/or worked in the past and/or present include: Maria Rodés (Spain), Pedro Becker (Chile), Roberto Zamora (Chile), Pumuky (Spain), UEH (France) Cristobal Tobar (Chile), Armando Ulloa (Chile), Mouth 4 Rusty (UK), Nico Sanchez (Spain), Rodriguistas (Spain-Chile), Daniel Ujueta (Colombia-Spain), Simon Smith (UK), Lucas Tondena (Italy-Spain), Go Tell The Eskimo (UK), Abraham Boba (Spain), Partido (Spain), Tim Despic (UK), The Kindling (UK) or Cubo (Chile).

I keeps a busy schedule of teaching, drum remote sessions and composing at my studio in East London.